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Setting Up OAuth App
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Setting up OAuth for Frame IO

Step 1: Creating a New App

  1. Select Developer Tools > OAuth Apps.

  2. Click on the “Create an OAuth App” button.

  3. Fill out the app name, and the redirect URI (callback URL) for your application. This will consist of your Medialake domain, followed by the redirect subdirectory, and will look something like the following: https://'YOUR_DOMAIN'/frameio-redirect

  4. Next to scopes click on "Select all scopes"

  5. At the bottom of the page click on "Submit"

Step 2: Make a note of Client ID and Client Secret

  1. You should be taken to a page with the Client ID and Client Secret. Make a note of both of these as they will be needed to put in the settings page in Medialake when linking the Frame IO.

Important Considerations

  • Make sure to follow security best practices, especially when handling client secrets.

  • The permissions and configuration might vary based on the specific service or API you're accessing.

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