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Adding a User to Facebook Business Manager with Necessary Permissions.
Adding a User to Facebook Business Manager with Necessary Permissions.
Written by Ben Keeling
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Step 1: Adding a new user to Facebook Business Manager

  1. Go to the facebook business manager webpage.

  2. Login as the business account owner or a business account member with full control, as you will need to add a user to the list of users who has full permissions.

  3. In the bottom left, click on the settings cog, where you will be taken to the 'People' settings page by default. If not, please select this page from the navigation bar on the left hand side.

  4. In the top right, click on the 'Add People' button, and then enter the email of the account you wish to enter and click on 'Next'.

  5. Under the full control section change 'none' to 'manage' and click 'Next'.

  6. Select from the dropdown the Facebook Pages you wish to assign access rights to the account. These are the accounts you want to be able to sync with the Medialake ai platform.

  7. Then, after selecting the pages you will need to click on each of them and under partial access toggle the content permission to enabled.

  8. Click on next, review the permissions for the account and the Facebook Pages they have access to, and click on 'Send Request'

  9. The invited user will now receive an email invitation to the Facebook Business Manager

Step 2: Receiving the email from Facebook Business Manager

  1. The invited email address will have received an email invitation from facebook.

  2. From this email click on 'Get Started' and either create an account from this email, or Log In to Facebook.

  3. If you created an account you may have to then go back to the email and click on 'Get Started' again in order to be taken to the correct page.

  4. This then takes you to the business suite where you can enter the name for the account you wish to add. From here click on next and review the business information, before confirming the clicking 'Next'.

  5. You should then have access to the Facebook Business Manager, and the administrator who added this account will see that the account has turned active on the Users -> People list

  6. From here, you then use this account in the Facebook OAuth setup guide.



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